Special Thanks

The MakerBar has received many unsolicited donations lately, and I’d like to specially thank a few gracious donors for their generosity.

Mark Yeck’s dad’s lab equipment finds a new home at the MakerBar, after a brief detour through BioShock

Mark Yeck – For a gratuitous amount of vintage lab equipment, including three oscilloscopes, analog voltmeter, and vacuum-tube tester.

Will Morse – For more DVD laser pickups than we have room for, a pile of Nerf blasters we’ve had fun modding, and other cool knickknacks.

Andy and Jamie Fundinger – For the stylin’ couch, which was quite enjoyable to bring upstairs.

Jim Galvin – For a full set of Make Magazine to inaugurate the MakerBar’s lending library, a blank-slate Dell, and for chests of electronic booty to plunder.

Rich Jedrzejek – For the mini-fridge, guitar amps, spotlights, record player, founders’ cabinets, Nerf blasters, six-year-old Coors, lava lamp…

Matt Williams - For the pico projector to run our classes, and for the little RC chopper to indulge our ADHD.

Sue… ah… er… forgot last name – For Creationary, the totally bad-ass Lego board game.

Larry Freedman – For a small suburban garage’s worth of hand tools.

Chris Ferreira – For the totally boss executive-style phone, and for the totally sweet toll-free number: 1-855-MAKERBA

And to everyone I couldn’t think to mention – Your generosity fuels our space, keeping us knee-deep in cool parts for projects and great tools to build them with. If I forgot to mention you, your donations have blended in to our¬†milieu so far that I can’t even disentangle them!

Our arsenal of shared tools, hackable parts, software infrastructure, and books gets bigger every day thanks to our great members and inspiring community. Every donation perpetuates our mission of bringing wholesome DIY to Hudson County and creating a safe place to build awesome projects.

You guys rock our socks.