Lab Notes: E-Z Tweet

The only thing the MakerBar loves more than publicity is back-end programming! Eric had an idea for an easy method to increase the space’s social coolness using Twitter, QR codes, the Meetup API and some back-end web programming. It’s pretty spiffy.

This is no ordinary QR code – if you scan this, your favorite Twitter client will automagically open, pre-populated with a MakerBar tweet.

The coolest feature is that the tweets are Meetup Event sensitive, meaning that if you scan this code during Wednesday Soldering Night, it’ll let your friends know you’re hanging out.

  • I am visiting @MakerBar for Wednesday Soldering Night and learning a ton!

Check your feed for MakerBar tweets, follow us @MakerBar, and drop in to try Eric’s masterpiece yourself!

Stay tuned for geeky implementation details and code up on GitHub.