Coming Soon: TV-B-Gone Kit, MakerBar Edition

Without further ado, we present the newest additions to the MakerBar kit arsenal…

TV B Gone Model Iso

The TV-B-Gone™ Kit, MakerBar Edition!

The TV-B-Gone™, the universal remote that shuts off any television, is coming back to the MakerBar in swag purple and gold! It’s got more than a facelift – this board was revamped by MakerBar member Zack Freedman to be easier to soldermore hackable, and more durable! It’ll be in stock exclusively at the MakerBar within three weeks for $30.

TV B Gone Model Bare Board Top

The MakerBar Special Edition features:

  • Same TV-slaughtering power as before – turns off a wall of TV’s up to 50 meters away!
  • Less confusing and cluttered board
  • More clearance for easier soldering
  • Strain-relief holes to prevent wires from shredding
  • Easy to hack into Nerf guns and other projects with spots for an external trigger, power, and optional mounting hole
  • Swanky purple board with gold-plated contacts and detailing

The best part? That little ™ on TV-B-Gone™ means it’s officially licensed. 10% of every sale goes back to inventor and hackerspace legend Mitch Altman so he can keep developing awesome stuff and spreading the hacker ethos. We also love using the ™ symbol. ™™™

The TV-B-Gone™ was designed by MakerBar member Zack Freedman, based on open hardware by Mitch Altman (Cornfield Electronics) and Limor Fried (Adafruit Industries). All firmware, models, EAGLE docs, and more are available on Zack’s GitHub.

This kit will be available exclusively at the MakerBar in late January or early February – pre-order at the hackerspace to make sure you get yours! Here are some more pics to tide you over until then.

 TV B Gone Model Bare Board Bottom TV B Gone Model TopTV B Gone Model Iso 2TV B Gone Model Bare Board Iso 2