Sign of the Times


After listening to hundreds of visitors whine about how “The MakerBar is too hard to find” and how “they accidentally ended up in the gym next door” and that “the door looks like a painted rectilinear turd from the set of a horror movie”, we caved to to the bellyaching. The MakerBar’s front door is now emblazoned with a breathtakingly beautiful sign!

2013-02-05 03.01.14

Geek cred: The sign is made of a solid plate of 1/4″ aircraft-grade aluminum taken from the scrap heap of the US Army’s experimental manufacturing division*. A MakerBar buddy routed it in an ultra-precise CNC mill. It’s probably worth at least a hundred bucks**.


So no more of that walk-back-and-forth-looking-for-a-cardboard-sign business, just keep your peepers peeled for the MakerBar red and silver.

It also has our phone number, 1-855-MAKERBAR, on it in case you get locked out. As of today, 2/7/13, if you find yourself locked out, we recommend putting down the blunt and having a cup of coffee because the lock isn’t installed yet.

Next up: Parking!***



*Yes, this is a thing, and no, I can’t help you get an interview there.

**Don’t try any funny business, it’s attached to the door with 1/4″ one-way sheet-metal screws and ain’t goin’ nowhere. I hope for the landlord’s sake that we don’t move the MakerBar because he’ll have to replace the door.