Raspberry Pi Inventor to Visit Hoboken MakerBar


Eben Upton, visionary engineer behind million-selling mini-computer, to visit Hoboken on international tour

Eben Upton, founder and Trustee of the Raspberry Pi Foundation, will visit the Hoboken MakerBar Tuesday, February 26th at 7pm to talk about his experiences designing the Raspberry Pi, the $35 miniature computer designed to introduce children and adults to programming that has recently sold its millionth unit.

The MakerBar is proud to host Eben on his tour of the East Coast’s Makerspaces and Hackerspaces. The visionary inventor will meet over 30 Raspberry Pi users from the East Coast technology community to talk shop, see the latest projects, and tell the story of how his unorthodox idea became a multimillion-dollar nonprofit phenomenon.

The event will be held at the MakerBar, Hoboken’s community workshop, at 7:00pm on Tuesday, February 26th. Participants will get to tour the MakerBar’s collaborative work space, hear a brief talk with Upton about the Raspberry Pi Foundation and his six year journey, and participate in Lighting Talks about their own high-tech projects.
The Hoboken MakerBar is Hudson County’s hackerspace, a nonprofit communal workshop for learning, tinkering, and collaborating on high tech projects for fun. In its inaugural year, MakerBar has grown to 14 members who host classes and events for hundreds more. The MakerBar holds open-house events every Wednesday and Friday at 7:00pm.

The Raspberry Pi Foundation is a charity based in the United Kingdom that facilitates interest in programming by producing accessible and fun hardware. Its premier product, the Raspberry Pi, is a fully-functional computer the size of a credit card that sells for only $35 and is designed to be modified. In its first year, the Foundation sold over one million Raspberry Pi’s to children, hobbyists, educators, and others. More information is available at www.Raspberrypi.org/about.

Guests can RSVP online for the Eben Upton visit event via Meetup at: http://www.meetup.com/MakerBar/events/105715962/t/ea1_grp/?rv=ea1